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Welcome to the home of research advancement around the East African niche. Here, we make every one of your research make an impact to the target that you intended it to reach. With our flexible publishing platform and our rich assortment of both refereed and non-refereed journals, your work is guaranteed to live forever. You have and idea but not the exact words? Don’t worry! Our team has been around for a while helping people like you know exactly what they want. We have a complete team of project managers, researchers, statisticians, editors and academic reviewers that ensures that you work is as professional as it can maximumly be.

It gets better! We partner with universities, research organizations, governmental organizations, non-governmental organization, tertiary institutions, high schools and even primary schools to link the flow of knowledge across East Africa. We help research institutions and organizations easily develop a publishing and journal hosting platform. Knowledge is fun at EANSO and we have developed algorithms and platforms to make our users, clients and partners enjoy our services. So, give us a call today! We will be happy to introduce you into our community of knowledge developers. You can also use our live assistant to reach our service center for instant assistant.