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Can a Peer-Reviewed Journal Publish Within 24 Hours?

If this was a strictly YES or No question, then the answer would have hypothetically been yes. However, it is not. So, we will have to empirically examine it. There are also journals that take long, sometimes up to two years to publish an article. We will talk about those too. The aim of this information is to help scholars make informed decisions when sharing their work with the world. We shall do this by sharing our personal experience.

How to beat any plagiarism testing software in your work


Just the other day, I co-authored a paper on lifelong learning that neither Turnitin nor any other common plagiarism testing software could find a similarity of above 1% . The paper was 11 pages of over 3,500 words long and with over 17 references. The publishers I submitted to were impressed and curious as to how I did it. Today I am feeling generous and will share with you one of the 10 techniques I use when writing for journal submission. Let us conveniently call it the ‘Write before you cite technique’.

Top ten tips to get your paper accepted by any journal


There are two categories of journals out there. The predatory journals that care more about your money than whatever you have to publish and journals that care more about the fidelity of the information you have to publish than the money you intend to pay. That said, it follows that for the first category, all you need to have is money and you can get away with almost anything. Go through some of the articles in these journals and you’ll find both petty and dire mistakes, logical errors and sometimes outright plagiarism.